What do Rich Old Men Want in A Woman ? Check the Common Traits.

What do single rich old men want in a woman? There are no definitive answers. Every rich old guy has his own preferences when it comes to a woman’s physical and personality.

What a rich man looking for a woman are connect with his past relationship with women and his views on women. Different wealthy men are looking for different traits in their match, and it also closely related to the kind of relationship that they want with a woman. He maybe needs something serious and even love and marriage, but considering his age, life experience and wealth, to have more fun in life maybe more important.

While every rich man is different, there are still some common traits that rich men want in a woman, some certain things about a woman that will make any rich old man stand up and take notice.

Appearance and Elegance

Rich old man is a man and men need sex attractive at any age. A man starts a relationship with women original driven by sexual attraction. Young beautiful girls are never a shortage for rich man. Physical beauty and sensuality are one of the most common traits in women that attract rich old men.

Beautiful, but out of the ordinary beauty and make him feels youth and passion are more make him intensely attracted to. Most important, be woman who has “class.” Most wealthy old men are conservative and are not comfortable with highly individualistic fashion and behavior in their female partners, a classy and elegant woman is more suits the upper class.

Social Skill

Successful rich old men enjoy, and most of time, need to entertain other rich entrepreneurs, family, friends and business contacts and deal with constant media presence and public scrutiny. And of course, he is too busy to look into these philanthropic activities. So for his female partner, the ability to carry out the social duties is a need.

Professional Skills

Every old rich man has his world; he always wants to be safety and comfort to discover something new and exciting, especial an expert at something he is not having but appreciate. Singing, dancing, writing or playing a musical instrument are tops on the list of things most rich old men cannot do well. If a woman can be an expert at something he is not, she will gain a tremendous amount of admiration and be considered as an equal match.

Personality Traits

Rich old men usually had date a lot of gorgeous women. But if a woman is not capable of offering some personality traits that a rich old man needs, things just not for long. In other words, personality plays a big role.

Gentle and Soft

Rich old men who are successes in business, finance, legal profession are rather grounded in facts and figures; they had experienced many difficulties and intrigues in their career. Even the strongest of men want a soft place to fall. They expect a degree of feminine support from his partner. Thus these rich old men look for women who are emotionally strong and mature enough to give emotional support and not swayed by what appears in the media or spread by business rivals as rumors.

Flirting and Playful

There’s nothing more appealing to a rich old man than a great woman who is playful, flirting, humor, and being unpredictable. Rich old guys like a girl who can laugh and have fun with them, but isn’t mindless and isn’t always serious about everything.


There’s something sexy about a confident woman, and it has nothing to do with looks. This is perhaps the most essential trait of all. In fact, if a woman can master this, doing everything else on this list will be easy and effortless. A woman, who loves and content with herself and understands her worth, is innately appealing. She knows what she wants and she has the confident that she is deserved what she wants. In essence, rich old men are all very confident and they know confidence plays a key role of their success and wealthy. They really appreciate confident people.


Intelligent women are ones who know so much about the world around them. This doesn’t require a degree from Ivy League, just intellect, reasoning and understanding. And the combination of beauty and brains is one that almost all men, including wealthy old man, are looking for a woman. Successful rich old men are always intelligent people, and they like to get along with smart people.

Respect and Appreciates

Wealthy old men are always independent; they want to have their own space and time. Respect, is she understands who he is and what he needs and gives him space to express himself without making demands on him and prioritizing herself over him.

They are successful, and successful man have a much stronger desire to gain respect, not just because his money, but because himself. Rich old men have power, they need to feel it. They want their woman to believe in his ability. Rather than focusing on his bank account, but trust and appreciates his ability.

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