Pure Dating APP Review – Anonymous Local Casual Hookup

Anonymous location-based mobile hookup app Pure, aims to give you instant access to no-strings-attached casual sex on demand. Pure Dating APP just connects with ready and willing sexual people around you. It is very loyal and confessed to libido, there are no profiles needed, no social chat.

It is not for people who want to get into a relationship. It just for people who want one-time sex, and right now. 100% no-strings-attached random and anonymous sexual encounters.

If you are horny right now, just use Pure to hook up with other person who is having the same urges at the same moment. No pre-game chats. Strips away the profiles, chats, and other time consuming features, Pure is the “Uber for Libido” to deliver sex to where you are. It explicit brings casual hookups to men and women. Pure hookup app offers a quick, private, safe, and consensual environment for you to find and hook up with someone while communicating very little.

Official Pure website: https://pure.dating/

Pure Hookup APP Download
Languages: English, Finnish, French, German, Norwegian Bokmål, Russian, Spanish, Turkish

Free to get Pure anonymous dating app iOS version from Apple store
Free to download Pure APP android version from Google play

Pure Dating APP Review

How does Pure Dating APP Works

Sign up

You need to join Pure with your phone number and use the given code to login. In the latest Pure Dating APP version, your phone number is required. Then just select you gender(after setting gender, you can’t change it by yourself anymore)and turn on your location setting(you can’t change location, you must be present at your physical location), you don’t need to create a profile and provide email, your account is your phone number.

pure dating app sign up

pure dating app sign up

One-hours limited – let us put it bluntly

Submit a meeting request with your sexual preference and photo, but no nudity is allowed on your profile photos. That is all. You have one-hour to connect with local users who also submit a request to find a sex partner. Pure will shows you who have the same sexual desire as you right now based on your location. And your photo and location are only visible to your potential hook-up matches.
Meeting and hooking up is totally based on face and appearance. So, just show your sexiest and most attractive photo, but not include any private parts, no nudity. You might be all about your awesome dick, but under the policy, you can only post them in a chat session, as well as other sexy photos.

The Pure APP works on demand, meaning matches happen when others post requests at the same time as you. It doesn’t work very well in places where the population is sparsely populated or the places which are not densely populated. Top 5 cities where Pure dating app is being used the most: Moscow, New York, London, Los Angeles and Mexico City. However, since Pure’s hourly refresh policy, there are very few active users at any given time. A good time to post is after 6 pm with peak hours being 9 pm-1 am.

Then it just works like Tinder. If you’re interested in someone in the photo feed, hit YES right away! If it is a mutual, the messaging option will be enabled for you to get connect. But only one hour will be leaved to let you get to know each other and decide where you want to meet.

You also can delete your request anytime. After one hour, everything is automatically deleted —your photo, your location, your request and the correspondence between you and your match.

King of The Hill

King of the Hill is a feature where you can bid to be placed at the top of the photo feed for an extended period of time.

After posting a request you will see a violet banner, which takes you to the paygate. It is goof to be King, because you will be the center of attention for all the ladies within a 50km radius. And other guys can see an alpha male in there territory.

You will have a violet banner on the top of your screen with a crown indicating that you are the King.

So how long will you reign? Until your request time out or until another guy outbids you. If another user overthrows you, you will receive a notification that you are no long the King, and a bidding battle begins….

Anonymous casual sex – is pure app safe?

Pure gets one thing right, which is the anonymity. All of your personal information is visibility only up to one hour. One hour after a match was created, the user’s profiles will vanish forever and not stored on the app’s server. Your matches, conversation and all other data in the app are deleted forever, even the request is not accessible after the 60 minutes.

All personal information is automatically deleted after an hour, ensuring privacy and security. Your private life is just private. If you want to continue using the APP, you must restart with the process and submit a new request.

This makes the app safer and more private than other dating apps. Pure dating app is absolutely safe in terms of privacy and anonymity. The only thing you need to worry about is the person you are matched, as a total stranger.

Pure APP Cost

If you’re female, the app is free.
Free trial for man
If you’re male, you will have a 3-day free trial. If you are on a 3 day trial, then you must cancel after 48hrs, if you don’t want the trial to convert to a subscription. If you miss the cancelation window, the monthly payment for the subscription will be automatically charged to your account. Simply deleting Pure from your device don’t cancel the subscription or trial, it must be canceled by you from you iTunes or Google Play account.

PURE uses auto-renewing subscriptions, and offers a paid subscription plan with options to pay up weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually.

  • Weekly subscription – $14.99
  • Monthly subscription – $29.99
  • 3-month subscription – $49.99
  • Annual subscription – $69.99

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