Oral Sex and Herpes – the Transmission is Possible, but Uncommon

Lots of people enjoy giving and receiving oral sex and it is an intensely pleasurable experience for them. But when oral sex and herpes come together, it became not so pleasant. So, if there is any danger of causing herpes when you have oral sex? The answer is yes, but rare. Here is a detailed explanation.

Oral Sex and Herpes

In general, HSV-1(oral herpes) prefers the mouth environment, and HSV-2(genital herpes) prefers the genitals. The two types of herpes don’t typically like to swap locations, so the transmission is uncommon. But the transmission is still possible since they share the same herpes simplex virus and both can be expressed orally and genitally.

Herpes can be transmitted by either the giver or receiver of oral sex. Through oral sex, oral herpes can spread to the genitals and genital herpes can spread to the mouth too.

It is possible for the people giving oral sex to get herpes if their partner has genital herpes, and it is also possible for the people receiving oral sex to get herpes if their partner has oral herpes. But the second case is much rarer, since most adults already have oral HSV-1 contracted as a child.

If you have oral HSV-1 and your partner has oral HSV-2, or reverse, it can be mutual infection through oral sex. You two can have the same type of herpes both on your lips and genitals.

Safe Oral Sex with Herpes

Herpes transmission is possible through oral sex, but uncommon. Herpes is most commonly transmitted by directly contacting the broken skin (a cut or break) and mucous membrane tissue.

Most people with herpes know not to have sex during outbreak period or a cold sore is present. The same goes for not performing oral sex. And there are many easy and cheap ways to prevent herpes transmission happening by oral sex. Consider using a barrier during oral sex, a condom or dental dam. It is safer than nothing at all.

Getting herpes is not the end of oral sex. So be positive and just keep dating and having sex with herpes and make sure to be more careful.


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