League Dating APP Review – Are You on the Waitlist ?

The League APP is a new segment of online Ivy dating app for career oriented, intelligent, ambitious, polite and hardworking young professionals to find another similar mate. It aims to be an elite alternative to Tinder, shows users the educational background and profession of potential matches

Super picky and high standards are necessary when some professionals want to find a right people to date, but the most interesting and motivated single people are very busy and have no time for all that swiping. For some ambitious young professionals, they have to separate their professional life and dating life, which cost so much time and energy.

The League APP makes them combine and favor power couples.

League Dating APP screen

Equalist. Not Elitist.

League is for the most interesting, ambitious, motivated and busy single professionals around the world to find a match and regardless the level of income, profession, background and education.

It means you don’t have to attend an Ivy League college, or have some so call the financial success. What the important is to have accomplished something in your professional career and on the way to pursue for a further degree.

League is not an elitist dating app. It seems like elitist just because it require something common shared in these people who are going after their dreams and having the ambition and work ethic to do something they’re excited about.


The League is synced with LinkedIn and Facebook, but more relies on LinkedIn, which better ensure real online profile. And it prevents people from your current company from seeing your profile.

However, not everyone can sign up, potential profiles must to be screened and selected based on their education and professional history at first. It means you have to join a waitlist before being admitted. An invite link from other member of the League can gives you an edge over people who just download it from the App Store. All that makes relationship on league is more serious, no matter dating or just sending message.


And once become a member, you can only receive five new matches every day at 5 pm.

Launched in 2014, League is in private beta in San Francisco and New York, but expected to launch in Los Angeles and London in future.

APP Details

Languages: English

Free to get it from IOS Apple Store: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch but not Supports Apple Watch.
Not available on Android

Charge: 100% Free Social Dating Apps

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