Hater Dating APP Review – Common Dislike Make Us More Closer?

Hater app is a free dating service that matches singles based on things they both hate, rather than shared likes or interests. At this point, Hater dating app offers something unique in the digital dating and expand beyond dating.

In order to have a comfortable dating atmosphere and keep conversations positive, dating with a complete stranger often requires they have anything in common, and shared interests or subjects are usually as the first element to consider.

But have you ever think this in the other way round? Maybe people bond more closely over the things that irritate or infuriate them. If you’ve ever bonded with someone in this way, you’re not alone. There is also a scientific case from the University of Oklahoma and the University of Texas that supports this idea.

Found in February 2017, Hater allows its users to indicate things they hate, and match people with similar dislikes. There are many random topics for you to indicate whether you love, hate, like or dislike, and this is the main part of your profile. Hater uses your hate-list data to find your most compatible potential matches.

Official website: https://www.haterdater.com

Hater Dating APP Download

Languages: English
Free to get Hater App IOS version from Apple Store.
Hater App Android version is not available yet.

 How Hater APP Works

How Hater APP Works

Hater Dating APP Review – How Hater APP Works

Sign Up

Use your Facebook account to sign up or login with phone. You will get an SMS confirmation from Account Kit by Facebook to help you Use Hater if you decide to sign up with your phone. Once you log in, then you can start to set up your hate list.

sign up hater dating app with phone

sign up hater dating app with phone

Build Yours Hate List and Dating Profile

On hater app, there are about 3,000 subjects are waiting for you to show your opinions on. For example, Donald Trump, rocky horror picture show, one night stands, nipple slips, gym selfies and Katy Perry. And the subjects are constantly being updated and added by the Hater team.

Browsing the topics, items, people, and concepts, then you can swipe to show your attitude and build you dating profile. There are four ways to indicate you feeling: Swiping right to like, left to dislike, up to love and down to hate. There’s also the option to press down and see what percentage of people responded with each reaction.

hater dating app swiping topics

hater dating app swiping topics

Hater Match

Swiping through for a bit of topics, then you have your dating matching criteria. Items you dislike or hate are given more weight in Hater’s matching algorithms. Except his hate list, you won’t know much about your potential match’s information, like job or education level, before swiping. Hater list leverages this information to find the most compatible matches for you. When you have your matches, you can anonymously swipe through profiles, just like you do on Tinder.

Once matched, you can start conversations. And there is a small icebreaker from Hater, in the form of Mad Libs-style sentences that you can fill in with your own responses, which will alleviate the stress of sending initial messages.

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