Girls, Herpes & Dating – Facts about Dating with Herpes as a Woman

Dating with herpes as a girl can be anxiety, especially when you are a young woman who is newly diagnosed with herpes. Here are some tips and facts to help you have a better understand of the reality of female herpes dating.

Facts about Women with Herpes

Genital herpes, also known as HSV-2, is a common STD that any sexually active person can get. According to the CDC, in the United States about one out of every six people aged 14 to 49 years have genital herpes. And women have greater risk for getting genital herpes then men.

Just like any other sexually transmitted infections, girls are more vulnerable to infect genital herpes than men. The transmission risk of HSV-2 from infected male to female is about 8–11% while it is around 4–5% from infected female to male. So, genital infection is more easily transmitted from men to women. In fact, at least 1 in 4 women in US have herpes.

This is because the nature of female genitalia. Female genital area has a greater number of mucosal tissues. And these exposure mucosal cells are presumably more receptive to potential infection sites.

Dating with Herpes as a Girl

So many girls with herpes never disclose it when they start a new date. After they had had sex a few times, she finally got the courage to tell him that she had herpes, but it is too late. It’s human nature to hesitate to make the decision.

Herpes is just a skin condition, in most cases, having herpes just means having an unpleasant skin condition. But herpes has a social stigma, a form of prejudice: being “dirty” and “shameful”. That causes so much pain than the disease itself.

After diagnosis with herpes, many girls felt she had little of support and people didn’t really understand what she was going through due to the sex stigma. Girls dating with herpes get hurt more easily. This is much more common than you think. Since girls often stick around longer than man if the relationship goes bad. Female are more likely to have the fear of being rejected once again.

Some men are extremely loving and compassionate towards their daters, but when she confided him, he just couldn’t get over the ‘horrible STD’ and accused her of cheating. Even though they didn’t break up, the man always feel himself has a moral advantage, and the woman should be grateful. It became a psychological advantage for him every time you two had an argument.

Dating Sites for Herpes Sufferers

Then, some female stop dating or they prefer to date who already has some form of herpes. The obvious benefit to dating someone others with herpes is it lessens the fear of disclosing your herpes status.

Herpes dating sites are really helpful for young girls to meet other guys with herpes and build a self confidence in dating with herpes. These dating communities for people with herpes give girls who are newly diagnosed with herpes a way out and

But dating in the herpes community still needs to pay attention to keep a safe sex life with herpes. You still should understands the transmission of herpes and discuss your past medical history with your partner. If one has HSV-1 and the other has HSV-2, then there is some chance of mutual infection. And having genital herpes increases the risk of HIV infection.

However, never stayed in a bad relationship just because you both have herpes or he’s accepted that you have herpes. Keep positive and always protect yourself. Even Dating within the herpes community is a great first step, you should put your best foot forward and keep an open mind to the open dating pool.

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