Candidate Dating APP Review – Get Match&Date by Q&A Game

Candidate app is a free dating application to meet singles in a creativity, humor and fun way. In an interesting game style matching progress, you would have a better understand of your potential matches . And it is a great way to break the ice and start a real conversation.

Candidate dating app’s working principle is easy but creative. Instead of switching profiles, in Candidate you ask questions first. Your questions will show to your potential matches, and your will rank their answers without knowing the identity.

You also need to participate in the games of your potential matches and answer their questions. If you are each other’s winner, then it is a match and you can see each other’s profile and start chatting.

Yes, we cannot avoid choosing a partner based on theirs looks, but it’s nice to have a more depth understand of personality and to know how people think. If you are tired of Tinder-style dating apps, Candidate is a creative alternative dating app to other dating service in the matchmaker market.
German dating
However, Candidate is new to US. As a dating app founded in Austria; the majority of users come from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Denmark. So most of the users are speaking German, and some don’t speak English or French.

Official website:

Candidate Dating APP Download

Languages: English, German

Free to get Candidate Dating APP IOS version from Apple Store.
Free to get Candidate Dating APP Android version from Google Play.

Candidate Dating APP Review – How Candidate Works

Sign up and profile

Register Candidate Dating APP is easy. It doesn’t require Facebook account; you don’t even need provide an email address to get start. Only four questions to get start in Candidate: name, age, gender and sexual orientation. Also you can enrich your profile with more details, but this 4 is enough to start playing the questions-dating games.

A photo is an optional. But if you want to activate the “play only with Candidate users who have a profile picture” option, you need to upload your photos.

However, it is necessary to provide an email address for verifying your account, but it is not obligated. Verified account will enable you to log-in to your account from all iOS and Android devices, and you would get a certification flag on your profile. If you are not verified and delete Candidate app from your mobile phone, you would lost all your data in Candidate, like all your contacts, and messages.

Dating Game starts – let’s conquer the heart of the questioner

After the registration, the user creates a game with 3 questions; each question is in around 300 characters. There is no limit to creativity when formulating, just anything you want to ask. Ask questions and set a game title – in around 100 characters -then later rate them to decide who you want to meet.

The first round question will have five people have participated; the second round is 3 participants and the last round only has 2 participants. At the last round, you will have your winner!

Of course, you can not only create questions, but also participate in the games of answering questions to get a match. Every answer will be evaluated, score with creativity, charm and humor, if you are the winner, you will find out who is behind the questions.

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